Top Services offered by property management companies you must Know

As a property owner, you do not have to be involved in the day-to-day running of your business. Managing your property is tedious and requires you always to be present for things to run smoothly. Alternatively, you should engage the services of a property management company in case you do not have the time to do the job yourself. Plus, managing a property requires a high level of knowledge and experience.

1. Property Valuation

What is the actual value of your property in the property/real estate market? It is hard to do this yourself since you do not know which factors to consider when valuing your property. Property management companies, on the other hand, have experienced property valuers. Property valuers have the required knowledge and experience needed to value properties properly. 

They will consider particular factors such as location, architectural design, building materials, and even how old your property is. These factors will enable them to suggest the best possible selling price or rental rates.

2. Tenant screening

Before anyone moves into your property, you should do a background check on them. It is essential to do this to figure out such things as whether they are married, do they have kids, where they work, and if they are citizens of the country. If necessary, they should also provide you with their bank statements to prove that they will be able to pay their rent.

Property management companies can do this more effectively since they have done this many times. They know where and how to get this information efficiently. Verifying your tenants before signing lease agreements with them would be best.

3. Rental Rate

Property management companies help their clients set the right rental amounts for their rental units. As a property owner, you do not want to set very high or very low rent. If you put your rents high, you won’t attract many people, and if you set the rents very low, you won’t be profiting from your property investment. 

Setting the right rental amounts depends on certain factors such as location, design, features, and overall quality of the property. A good company will help you set the optimum rental amounts to attract new tenants and put more money in your pockets. 

4. Lease Agreement

A lease agreement is a legal document/contract that binds the tenant and the landlord. Landlords should always provide the tenants with lease agreements to read, understand, and sign. These documents clearly outline terms, contracts, and rules both parties should commit to during the tenants’ stay. 

These legally binding contracts also outline what should be done in case someone goes against the terms of the agreements. A good deal clearly outlines the terms in the most straightforward language so that the tenant understands what they are signing. You should assist the tenant in understanding the terms clearly to avoid future issues. Always remind your tenants and advise them to adhere to the terms of the contract.

5. Rent collection

Rent collection should be done on time, systematically, safely, and efficiently. Tenants should be aware of rent payment policies, such as when they should pay their rent, how to pay, and if they need to show proof of payment. All this should be covered in the lease agreement to avoid later confusion. 

As the property owner, you should expect a certain amount of money from your rental units by a specific date. A management company will help you relax and have peace of mind since they handle everything for you. In case of issues with some tenants not paying their rent on time, the company has staff who know how to handle the situation.

6. Marketing and advertising is another top service

Your property should be properly advertised and marketed both online and offline. Property management companies will help you get the right tenants for your property. Experienced marketers working for these companies know the various platforms where they will advertise to get the best returns.

As a property owner, you can choose not to involve yourself in these processes and instead have a company do it for you. Good marketing and advertising ensure your property has a low vacancy rate and always has occupants, which translates to revenue. Give the company details about your property, including pictures, videos, and documents proving ownership and the state of the property. More information about your property means suitable adverts.

7. Repair and maintenance

Repair and maintenance are essential in property management since they establish your property’s actual value. It would be best if you had clear policies regarding how to maintain your property’s quality. Property management companies have the right staff to attend to almost all areas of your property. 

The repair and maintenance people should do quality work, come at affordable prices and be reliable and available when called upon for work. Whenever a client moves out, they should ensure the house is restored to its previous quality before a new tenant moves in. It would be best if you always strived to give tenants the best service as agreed in the lease agreement.

Doing this will also comply with property maintenance rules set by the law/government. Ensure the grounds are well kept, sewage and water pipes are well maintained and not leaking, and the property is always painted. All these ensure your tenants live in a safe place and, at the same time, improve and help maintain the quality of your property.

8. Most Property management companies provide Inspection services

You should inspect your property regularly to eliminate the tenants violating lease agreements and ensure that it is still safe for occupation. You should have a clear inspection policy and proper documentation when conducting these inspections. Set aside a budget that you can easily access if, during the inspection, various repair issues are encountered.

Health inspections are also crucial to root out any health issues that may affect the well-being of your tenants. These inspections are in line with rules and laws set by the government. The inspection also helps identify tenants that have done damage to your property, in which case you should give them clear directions on how to compensate for the damages.

9. Property management companies Assist in Handling Legal issues

Property management involves many legal issues which you may not know. Property management companies step in and help you with legal problems since they understand all the legal matters involving property and real estate ownership. They will offer you the legal protection you need whenever legal issues and vulnerabilities come up.

This service involves having the proper documentation for your property and amicably solving issues with your tenants, government, and service providers. By ensuring that all this is done, you can focus your energy and time on other important matters relating to your property.

10. Finance

Property management companies help their clients with filing tax returns and reports, paying for expenses, and keeping up-to-date records. As the owner, you need to verify payments through proper documentation. Property management companies can offer financial reports. These will help you make much better and informed financial decisions that will help your property investment.

You may need loans or mortgages from reputable financial institutions, and doing the paperwork and research for all this may be challenging. Property management companies will do this on your behalf and give you financial advice.

That way, you will let the experts handle the workload of managing your property, and you can have more spare time on your hands to do other personal things. Ensure you get the best value for the money you will be paying for these services. Use this list to identify the services you will need to be managed by the company.

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